The City Tower and the Park Tower stand for ‘high end urban living’. You’re missing nothing. Because with the comprehensive package of services, you can outsource a lot of work with a restful heart. To the service manager or to our partner for furnishment Moving-In. You only have to enjoy it.

How can the service manager be of help to you:

  • From Monday up to and including Friday between 7.00 and 21.00 you can count on the availability of the service manager. He is also the first point of contact. Not only for you, but also for your visitor
  • The service manager keeps an eye on who enters the building and also who leaves. For instance parcel deliverers, guests, cleaning services, dry cleaners, domestic helps, caterers or dogwalking services.
  • Service really means service. You can count on it when e.g. you need a helping hand or have a question or a request.
  • Will you be absent for a longer period of time? You can confer with the service manager about having your plants or fish taken care of or having your mail accepted.
  • The service manager also supervises the state of maintenance of the building, like a faulty lamp, a malfunctioning door or a spot that needs extra cleaning.
    Do you see anything that needs some attention or has to be repaired, report it the service manager who will contact the technical service.
  • Have you got a repair or a service request for your own apartment submit this to the service manager. Requests and e-mails are dealt with daily.
  • The service manager is not only responsible for the key-management of the common spaces, he can also coordinate your own key-management.

How can Moving-In be of help to you:

Large collection, fast supply!
Moving-In is the fastest expanding furniture rental company of the Netherlands. With a large collection and everything in stock, we offer the most extensive choice for our customers. We can even deliver temporary interiors for every client within a couple of days, from basic to very extensive, and from budget to exclusive. Our vision goes beyond just supplying furniture. Passion, hard work and creativity are our base ingredients to stand out in what we do: creating a Home.


The best quality and service!
As a partner recommended by Expat Centres throughout the Netherlands, we supply you with the best quality and service from beginning to end. With the utmost care we supply complete home interiors with rental periods between 1 month and an indefinite duration.

Thanks to Moving-In’s all-in concept, you won’t have to deal with purchases, delivery times, installation, transport, service, styling, removal, storage, etcetera. You just select your style, decide on a rental period and we take care of the rest!

Stop worrying, start Moving-In!


Your advantages

  • Complete home furnishings!
  • Large stock, quick delivery
  • Flexible rental periods
  • An interior for any budget
  • Quality furnishings
  • 100% service warranty
  • The right guidance for expats
  • No large investments in interior
  • Stylish custom interiors
  • Unburden your employees
  • Including: delivery, installation, transportation, styling, service, removal, etc.
  • In short: complete service, no more worries about your home furnishings!

More information on our furniture rental arrangements

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The service manager keeps an eye on who enters the building and also who leaves it.

Stay informed about New Babylon

Would you like to stay informed about current affairs concerning New Babylon Residences then look on the residents’ own website: coming soon. There you will also find more general information about e.g. rental agreements. We will also keep you informed through personal mailings.


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