The Hague. Third town of the Netherlands. A town with international style, but also a town on a human scale. From your apartment in the New Babylon Apartments the town lies at your feet. The shops. The events. The cultural hotspots. The grand cafés and restaurants. The nearby parks and beaches.

Every day The Hague has something something new to offer. Shopping in the streets in the centre is an adventure. From the wellknown store chains in the modernized Grote Marktstraat to the specialist shops around the Noordeinde. The Hague is also the city of the small, hidden shopping streets. For instance it is great to wander around those near the Denneweg. An invitation to make new discoveries again and again.


Finding a restaurant or a grand café will never take long.

Going out in The Hague

The Hague is a city full of entertainment. Can you think of anything more enjoyable than watching life in The Hague go by, while sitting on a lovely terrace? Finding a restaurant or a grand café will never take long. Cinemas present the latest films. Theatre and concert podiums present plays and acts of topical interest.
Moreover, besides all the various events on the The Hague agenda, there is also the wonderful Gemeentemuseum as well as a number of lesser known galeries to discover. There is no denying that art and culture are very well represented in The Hague!

The city of nature and recreation

It is striking to notice how much nature you can actually find in a city like The Hague. Such as the lush green Lange Voorhout in summer and the many parks. Nature which is close by, with the Haagse Bos almost in your backyard. And then there is yet another extra the city offers its inhabitants: the beach and the dunes. Looking for the lively bustle of Scheveningen, or the quiet scenery around Wassenaar? And, if recreating also means practising sports to you: The Hague is a great sports town, with clubs for every kind of exercise.

An ideal infrastructure

Car, public transport or bike: one of the good things about The Hague is its convenient arrangement. Living practically in the centre enables you to reach most of the amenities on foot. You can come and go wherever you want. It is just a few minutes’ walk from Babylon to The Hague Central. Train, bus and tram will take you anywhere. The A12, at a hundred meters’ distance, offers optimal connections to towns like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht, as well as to the Airports Schiphol and Rotterdam-The Hague.’

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Spectacular architecture

With their sharp lines and modern materials the two towers – 140 and 100 metres tall – dominate the new horizon of The Hague.